The Evolution from Information Security to Information Risk Security

Within the past seven years, the Information Security role has changed. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role has expanded beyond capacity, and rightly so. Information Security has evolved from a responsive and protective function to an operational risk function. As a result of this evolution, there is now a need to separate the Information Security and Information Risk Security roles.

Day-to-day information security still requires a C-Level position in order to ensure that the defensive operations are functioning and evolving as new threats develop. However, there is now a need to balance the organizational alignment. While the CISO is managing the shop, who is dealing with the ever increasing regulatory mandates? Who is evaluating third party risk? Who is matching the risk appetite of a company based on how much it spends on proactive defensive technology?

This cybersecurity evolution, creates the need for a new role that is not a peer to the CISO, but rather has a more generic viagra cheap strategic focus. That role is the Chief Information Risk Officer (CIRO).

This is an evolution that is mandated. We can no longer continue to expand the CISO role to the brink of collapse. The average CISO life expectancy in a position is shrinking because of the overwhelming requirements they must meet. Multiple data sources indicate that CISO tenure is currently 17 months on average. Institutions with a cybersecurity team must either expand their contingent teams, and divide and conquer, or hire a risk expert with both a business, information Security, and operational risk management background.

Today’s companies and institutions must face the inevitable when tackling cybersecurity issues. We can no longer just react and spend without taking on a proactive approach. We must evaluate and identify a balanced equation between risk appetite and information risk protection.

Gaining Momentum: Queen Associates Adds Heather Workman As Managing Director, DigitalForce

Building its strong leadership team to address the explosive need for effective digital experiences, Queen Associates hires Workman, an industry veteran with extensive Fortune 100 experience

Queen Associates, an award-winning IT consulting and staffing firm, announced the addition of Heather Workman as Managing Director of DigitalForce, further adding to its team of digital industry veterans.

Workman is Queen Associates’ third high-profile hire in recent months and comes at an opportune time as both digital experience and cyber security are at the forefront of massive digital transformation for organizations globally. Queen Associates also recently hired David Shroyer, a cyber security veteran, as Managing Director of their CyberSecure division with the support of Vladimir Skoric, who serves as Director for CyberSecure.

Workman will be based in the company’s Charlotte headquarters and will focus on accelerating Queen Associates’ innovation in digital brand experience services.

“It’s no secret that the importance of digital customer experience is growing exponentially and our clients have shifted their focus to improve their experience strategy and address new cyber security concerns,” said Robin Pugh, President, Queen Associates. “With Workman and other key leaders in place, we’re better equipped to continually improve our digital capabilities, enabling our clients with innovative solutions to efficiently succeed in that channel.”

“It’s no secret that the importance of digital customer experience is growing exponentially and our clients have shifted their focus to improve their experience strategy and address new cyber security concerns,” said Robin Pugh, President, Queen Associates.

Workman joins Queen Associates with over sixteen years of international leadership in digital experience solutions, specializing in mobile product development, user experience, e-commerce, and monetization in healthcare, manufacturing, and CPG sectors. Prior to this role, she served as Vice President of Marketing at Bankers Warranty Group, expanding the firm’s consumer insurance products and creating multichannel sales and management solutions for retail partners including Sears, Tiger Direct, and Radio Shack. Previously, Workman spent over six years at Triad Retail Media, where she served as Senior Director of Digital Strategy, delivering award-winning initiatives for brands like Unilever, P&G, Kraft, and Pfizer, and developing monetization strategies for retail partners including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Dell, and Best Buy.

“I’m joining Queen Associates’ executive team at a true inflection point in the industry, when we can realize the potential of new technology to create transformative digital brand experiences,” said Workman. “That’s why I’m enthusiastic to work with such a dynamic and talented group of industry experts. We’ll have the ability to collaborate and deliver innovative and agile digital services that will not only solve clients’ existing problems, but also start conversations on what is now possible for them to achieve.”

About Queen Associates
Queen Associates is an award-winning IT consulting and staffing firm with a history of serving the financial services, retail, healthcare, and energy sectors since 2000. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, our core business provides the best solutions and talent to our clients, while promoting the hiring of veterans and minority candidates. Our service delivery model provides individualized support for our clients and candidates resulting in enhanced quality, retention and efficiency. For more information, please visit

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Monica York
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Security 3.0: Managing the “Chaotic” in the Security Product Space

The evolution of modern technology is creating another boom for information security products and vendors. At the most recent RSA Conference in San Francisco we witnessed further record breaking numbers with nearly 48,000 attendees. As you traversed the expo floor, it was hard not to notice the year-over-year increase of new security vendors. The innovation of these new companies is not a bad thing. But the billion dollar question is, how many of these vendors will still be standing 12-18 months from now? Innovation in the security space is happening at a speed never seen before, as the industry responds to the even faster evolution of malicious capabilities.

With innovation comes the need to manage, test, evaluate, implement, and most importantly, understand functionality and how new products fit into existing layers of defense. Protection throughout the stack is out there. Integration is maturing as more vendors and products are opening up to integration between themselves, in the best interest of their customers. However, that understanding can sometimes be confusing. Let’s take malware defense as an example.

Anti-Virus (AV) tools are a mainstay, and the approaches to detecting, isolating, and removing threats are similar and rely on differences to provide competitive advantage and best pharmacies online fit for consumers and organizations. In the past (and even today) AV companies would rely on signatures, and other “known” identifiers to detect and block malware variants. We now have a new way to approach the issue that makes sense, but does not replace the ongoing need to block more general, unknown malicious functions: looking inter and intra system at behaviors of all objects.

In the “Kill Chain,” depicted above and developed by Lockheed Martin, this detection capability can move to the left of the process. Malware does not have to initially be identified for an update to be sent down to other clients. With a solution buy viagra reviews that looks cross-system, the behaviors themselves, such as escalation of privileges, lateral movement, and other known processes can be identified and managed. This innovation allows for detection at the first instance of a new variant because bad things do bad things.

Bad actors can just as easily (as seen in every malware UI) determine which AV solutions will not detect their code. Now that game has changed. If products like Cybereason, which are bringing this new type of capability to market are implemented, those malware configuration UI’s can’t save the bad guys some time and money because they are now obsolete (tongue in cheek). Meaning, whether an AV can detect a variant or not no longer matters. With the ever-evolving threat of malware, AV detection alone will just not be as effective.

It is important to understand the innovation and function these new solutions offer. Do you know where they fit into your stack and what they do and do not replace? Do you know how to evaluate, test and compare when the functionality is different compared to the “2.0” versions of security? When faced with evolved technology, comparing it to the last generation is like comparing apples to, well, newer apples and maybe a pear. When a newer product comes to market it takes more than an automated peer test. It takes a different thought pattern and a new methodology.

Companies, and security practitioners, should ask themselves these questions and continue to adapt and evolve so that they make more informed security decisions. It is important to make clear and informed information and cybersecurity decisions as malicious functionality continues to evolve. Remember we are in an “arms race” and with every new evolution of cyber weaponry, a new evolution of defense is needed. And more importantly, a new vision in understanding how that defense works.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT), a term that is becoming common in today's cyberage. From smart televisions, kitchen appliances, alarm systems, watches, fitness trackers, and other devices, these internet connected IoT’s are becoming more than just a medicine technological advance. They are turning in to a huge risk within our everyday lives. From viagra without prescription in canada personal to the commercial space, recent threats and attacks on IoTs has proven that a medicine technological advancement can quickly turn in to a medicine technological headache.

To find out more about how Queen CyberSecure can help protect your organization from IoT attacks, please contact us at

Queen CyberSecure partners with Global Cyber Alliance


Queen CyberSecure (QCS), a subsidiary of Queen Associates, is proud to announce a new partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

“We are very excited to be working with GCA to tackle cyber risk,” said David Shroyer, Managing Director of QCS. “As a new cyber and information security consulting company, QCS will work with GCA and our clients to help tackle cyber risk for the good of our cyber-connected world.”

"I am very pleased to partner with Queen Associates and its clients to spread the use of measures to reduce systemic cyber risks,” said Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance.  “These risks cut across companies, sectors and national borders, and we must all contribute first to reducing and then to eradicating them."

GCA is an international, cross-sector effort dedicated to confronting cyber risk and improving our connected world. It is a catalyst to bring communities of interest and affiliations together in an environment that sparks innovation with concrete, measureable achievements. While most efforts at addressing cyber risk have been industry, sector, or geographically specific, GCA partners across borders and sectors. GCA’s mantra “Do Something. Measure It.” is a direct reflection of its mission to eradicate systemic cyber risks.

GCA, a 501(c)3, was founded in September 2015 by the New York County District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security.

For more information on GCA’s efforts in identifying cyber risks, please visit

For more information on QCS’s cyber and information security services, please visit




Queen Info/Cyber Security Expansion and Executives

Queen Associates announces a strategic expansion of their Information/Cyber Security solutions to include a holistic, end-to-end health information technology solution that not only includes quality IT staffing resources, but also a robust Information/Cyber Security consulting practice.  This service enhancement is designed to meet the critical needs that our clients have identified and also allows us to expand opportunities within the Warrior 2 Workforce program, harnessing the cyber capabilities of our veteran associates who have spent many years protecting the cyber infrastructure of our country.

David Shroyer recently joined Queen Associates as Managing Director of the Cyber Security services practice, bringing over 20 years of experience in the financial services sector.  Most recently, David has been a Cyber/Information Security Executive at Ally Bank, Bank of America and Regions Bank, and is also a Veteran of the US Army.  David possesses extraordinary expertise in the end-to-end security lifecycle.  In addition, he brings extensive regulatory experience as both a practitioner and risk manager in information, cyber and third party risk for the financial, retail, healthcare and energy sectors.

David’s team includes Vladimir Skoric, who joined Queen Associates as a Director and comes to us from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), where he most recently served as a Senior Associate, and advised clients on cybersecurity assessments, information sharing and analysis organizations (ISAO), SOCs, cyber threat intelligence, and a number of other cybersecurity issues.  Before his work at PwC, Vladimir served as the IT Security Relationship Manager at Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), advising large financial services groups on the global state of cybersecurity, and the importance of cybersecurity awareness. Vladimir also coordinated the enterprise-wide cyber security liaison program and managed the bi-annual FIS CISO Council.  Prior to joining FIS, Vladimir spent four years at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Washington D.C. where he served as the Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, and the Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, under the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

With the addition of David and Vladimir to lead our practice, Queen Associates’ capabilities have been greatly enhanced, bringing additional solutions to areas that are a critical focus for our clients’ boards and regulators.

For more information on Queen Associates Cyber offerings, please email

New Executives Welcomed to Advisory Board

Queen Associates announced today the addition of two executives to its all-female Advisory Board.  Andrea Hough, VP of Talent Acquisition for TD Bank and Angela Adams, Principal Solutions executive for Salesforce.  As a woman-owned firm, Queen Associates values the leadership, innovation and forward-thinking mindset of women executives in the technology industry.  Queen’s Advisory Board was chartered to ensure that the firm provides a superior candidate experience and innovative channels to deliver its talent solutions to clients across the US.

Robin Pugh, buy real viagra online australia President of Queen Associates, said, “We are honored to have the opportunity to gather advice and perspective from such an accomplished group of women executives who share our vision of delivering IT talent with a focus on diversity and impeccable service to both clients and candidates. Andrea and Angela will bring added dimension to the Advisory Board and provide us with strong and insightful counsel as we continue to grow our operations and deliver value to our clients.”

Queen Associates Honored at Brava Awards

Queen Associates' Robin Pugh honored among female CEOs and executives at SmartCEOs Brava Awards.

SmartCEO honored the region’s top female business leaders at the inaugural 2016 Brava Awards, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 13 at The Fillmore Charlotte. Brava award winners combine their irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for giving back to the community by encouraging local philanthropy, mentoring up-andcoming leaders and setting their companies on the path to tremendous growth. This year’s 40 CEO and executive winners collectively generate more than $24.69 billion in annual revenue and employ more than 53,800 individuals in Greater Charlotte.

“Brava winners possess the hallmark qualities of successful leaders — vision, passion, compassion, dedication, perseverance. Each winner in this inaugural class exhibits these qualities in all facets of her life, from running her business to tending to her family and donating time andresources to philanthropic initiatives,” says Jaime Nespor-Zawmon, president of SmartCEO.

“We are honored to recognize a group of Charlotte women who are truly making a difference in the world.”

More than 200 executives, friends and family attended the high-energy celebration to honor the 2016 Brava winners and their achievements. The event kicked off with high-energy networking, followed by a video-packed awards presentation that honored each winner for their business leadership, philanthropy and mentoring.

Please see below for a complete list of winners. For more information on this year’s Brava winners, visit to read their inspiring stories published in SmartCEO magazine.

Veteran Candidate: Michael Krueger

Each month, Queen Associates highlights a veteran candidate who is actively seeking private sector employment.  This spotlight provides an opportunity for the candidate to share how their military experience aligns with career opportunities in the private sector.


MICHAEL KRUEGER is a PMP-CERTIFIED PROJECT MANAGER and OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL with a 21-year military career and recent financial services experience.


  • PMP-Certified Project Manager with recent financial services project experience
  • Expertise in compliance, risk, capital markets, and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Extensive experience in improving processes, synchronizing diverse organizations, and leading teams to get results in resource constrained environments
  • Focused, disciplined leader with experience managing budgets of up to $50M as a senior Air Force Officer (21-year Air Force Officer, Lt Colonel, Ret)

Connect with Michael on Linked In.

Queen Associates Donates to Wounded Warrior Project

Queen Associates Donates to the Wounded Warrior Project on Behalf of Clients and Consultants


In the spirit of the holidays, Queen Associates pauses to give thanks to the proud service men and women of our United States Armed Forces, and to honor those who have fallen in the ongoing quest for liberty and freedom throughout the world.

In addition to our commitment to support buy yellow phentermine 30mg Nemesis Troop currently stationed in Southern Afghanistan through the end of their deployment, Queen Associates has made a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project on behalf of our clients and consultants.

We wish you and yours a bright, joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity!